About Us

Launched in March 2011 to an unsuspecting crowd of Kiwis, Treat Me, as you may have guessed, is the offspring of Trade Me – so no, we won’t get sued for name-thievery.

Our mission is to bring you the best deals each day on experiences around New Zealand. We’re making our way to new regions all the time, so if we haven’t gotten to you yet, don’t worry: we’ll be expanding round the country soon like new-season pohutukawa blossoms.

With Treat Me, you’ll have access to the best local businesses and get discount vouchers for cool stuff like restaurants, movies, spas and much more. What’s not to love?

This website is 100% NZ owned.

The faces behind Treat Me

James MacAvoy

James MacAvoy is not to be mistaken with James McAvoy, a famous and rather handsome Scottish actor, who has starred in box-office hits such as The Last King of Scotland and Narnia. Our James MacAvoy is Treatmaster General, and was one of the founders of local movie site fatso.co.nz. His goals are to one day be a movie star, and to help Treat Me users save enough money to take over the world. His secret shame is having his arm broken by a seven-year-old girl (last week! Just kidding).