Facebook Privacy Policy

  1. RWL collects data from competition entrants through the Treat Me Promotion application (if entered through the application on the Tab at the Treat Me page on Facebook). The data that is being taken by the Promotion application, or through email subscription entered via online application, is the competition entrant's email address and city location of the person who has entered the email address.
  2. The data that is collected will be used so that the winners of the Promotion can be notified and daily Treat Me deal emails may be sent to the people who have supplied their email addresses through the Promotion process. These emails will continue to be sent until the person unsubscribes from receiving the emails.
  3. The email address and other information collected will be stored securely by RWL (for use in promoting the Treat Me website) and will not be disclosed to third parties, unless required by law.
  4. The information collected through the Treat Me Promotion application is extracted by RWL and stored on RWL servers for future use (as outlined above), unless requested to be deleted by the person who has supplied the email address and region information.