Windup & Solar Powered Torch, Mobile Charger

$40 for Wind Up & Solar Powered Torch, Radio, Cellphone Charger (including iPhone) Delivered from Norfolk Enterprises (value $61)

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If you really need convincing...

Let's not be silly and buy survival products because of what people think the Mayans said... Let's buy them because they're an extremely sensible thing to have in case of natural disaster.

Weve got a treat thatll give you peace of mind. $40 is going to get you a Wind Up & Solar Powered Torch, Radio, Cellphone Charger (including iPhones), delivered to your home or office.

Norfolk Enterprises new wind up / solar torch - radio - cellphone charger may look the same as their model BR-236 and other standard models, the difference is some great new features have been incorporated into their new model BR-254 including:

  • In addition to winding and the solar panel, you can now plug it into your laptop to charge
  • Comes with five mobile phone adaptors (includes iPhone!) and leads
  • Charge your phone using charged torch batteries without having to crank the handle. If the batteries are empty, you can charge it by winding the handle
  • The torch, radio and siren last longer
  • Duel charge your phone and torch by plugging the phone into the torch and the torch into a laptop.

Want to keep up with the news, weather, sport while you are camping, tramping, fishingi The dynamo torch also contains a high quality AM/FM radio with aerial that will bring in the signal loud and clear. In the unlikely an accident scenario that an accident befalls you (Oh nos! Were out of marshmallows!), the dynamo torch also has a loud audio alarm, and a flashing red light function that will help to attract attention, and lead to getting help when and where it is needed.

Mobile phone battery dead with no power outlet for miles aroundo Charge your mobile phone without power. Hook up your phone using one of the five adaptors provided, and crank the handle. You will be pumping power into your phone from the first turn.

Rest easy knowing youll always have light with Norfolk Enterprises.