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$9 for an 18 Piece Glow Stick Pack from Off The Back


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$9 for an 18 Piece Glow Stick Pack from Off The Back Deal image
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  • Treat yourself an 8 piece Glow'n Fun Glow Stick Pack from Off The Back.
  • Once activated, these can last 8-10 hours at full light and up to 36 hours of faded light.
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Off The Back

Business in Trade

If you really need convincing...

Is your regular jewelry not luminescent enough?

Do you want to be the light of the party?

Well look no further, because today's treat from Off The Back will get you a 18 piece Glow'n Fun Glow Stick Pack for just $9 (+ shipping).

This package is full of glow stick for a great night out. Once they start glowing, they will last you all night. Then, they will start to fade out but may continue to emit some light for up to 36 hours. And if you can't use them all in one night, they will last with a shelf life of 2 years prior to activation.

Inside the glow bracelets are two chemicals that emit light or glow when they are mixed together. When you bend it for the first time, you break an inner tube. This mixes the two chemicals together. Just shake it up and presto -- it starts glowing like magic!

  • Pack includes: 6 x 4" glow pendants, 6 x glow ring necklaces and 6 x bracelets
  • Even amounts of pink, orange, green, blue and yellow sticks
  • Lasts 8-10 hours at full light and up to 36 hours of faded light
  • Shelf life of 2 years unactivated
  • Not for children under 3 years

Hit Buy to let it glow, thanks to Off The Back!
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