Treat Me

What is Treat Me?

Treat Me offers massively discounted local deals around New Zealand. We work with local businesses to bring you the best one-day deals in your area, including discounts on restaurants, spas, movies and much more. But – the deal only activates once enough people sign up, meaning businesses attract enough customers and buyers get a great discount.

Treat Me… any relation to Trade Me?

Yes, Treat Me was originally started by Trade Me in 2011. It was sold to Retail Works in 2013 and now operates independently.

Will I be charged for joining Treat Me?

No. You will only be charged if you confirm your purchase and the once the deal is activated.

When will Treat Me be in my city?

We're making our way to new regions all the time, so if we haven't gotten to you yet, don't worry: we'll be expanding round the country soon like new-season pohutukawa blossoms. Sign up to get an email alert so you'll be first to hear when we arrive in your town!

Purchasing a deal

How do I buy today's deal?

Every deal ends at midnight, so just click the ‘Buy' button before then. The deal becomes activated once enough people have signed up, and then we'll charge your card and email your voucher to print out.

What happens if the deal isn't activated?

If not enough people sign up for the deal, it won't be activated and you won't be charged. Treatmaster James will then lose one of his lives.

Do I have to promote or share the deal to redeem it?

No. But we always recommend sharing a good deal with friends or family to help it get activated – and so they get a great discount, too.

What happens after I buy?

You'll receive an email receipt confirming that your card has been charged. Your receipt will describe how to print your voucher, and your voucher will include everything you need to know to redeem it. If the deal hasn't activated yet, your receipt will arrive when it does. If the deal doesn't activate before time runs out, your card isn't charged and nobody gets the deal.

Is it safe to enter my credit card details?

Yes. We use a very secure payment process, and won't share your details with anyone.

I don't have a credit card; can I pay via another method?

I'm sorry we only support credit cards and Visa debit (Including Visa, MasterCard, Diners, "Loaded" Visa and Prezzy cards). This is because the nature of the online purchase requires instant online confirmation and using these cards is the fastest and safest way to achieve this.

I go to make a purchase but it says that my email address is already in use. Why can't I make this purchase?

It sounds like you are trying to purchase a voucher on the site without logging in first with your registered email address. Before purchasing ensure you click the 'Login' button in the top right hand corner and enter in the necessary details. Once you are all logged in, everything should work as per normal and you can proceed with buying your treats!

When I try and buy a treat it gives me an error message "DO NOT HONOUR". Why won't it let me use my credit card?

This generally means there is an issue with your credit card - try one more time making sure that the details are correct. If it still won't work, you will need to contact your bank to look into this for you. Otherwise you will need to use a different card.

Can I get a GST receipt for my purchase?

Yes you can! Simply locate your voucher under the green "My Stuff" button. Then click "View Receipt" under the expiry date. Your receipt will pop up from there and you will be able to view or print from that screen. If your voucher has expired, please email the customer support team on the Contact Us link below and request one sent to you. Remember to quote the voucher number so we can find it easily.

My Vouchers

Hey, where are my vouchers?

Once the deal has been activated and we've processed your payment, you'll be able to access your vouchers from the My Vouchers page. You'll need to login first.

Can I give the voucher to a friend?

Aren't you kind! Yes, provided the voucher doesn't include a 'no gifting' condition. That still stands even if your name is on the voucher.

Can I exchange my voucher for cash or other items?

Nope, sorry – unless the deal T&Cs state otherwise.

I purchased a voucher but no longer want it, can I have a refund?

You can contact us with your reasons, and we certainly don't like unhappy customers so we'll do what we can to help, but generally deals are considered non-refundable – unless the world has ended, or some such unprecedented, unforeseen event that renders you unable to redeem your voucher. You also have the ability to give it to someone else or you can sell them on. Otherwise you can contact the merchant/company and discuss your options with them.

I accidently purchased too many vouchers on today's deal; can I have a refund for the second voucher?

Sure thing! We understand that accidents happen. Simply email the wicked Customer Support team on the "Contact Us" link, let them know what happened and they will look into a refund for you.

My voucher has expired, are you able to extend the expiry date?

That is up to the merchant. We are unable to extend the expiry date. You will need to contact the merchant and ask them if they are able to do this for you.

I'm not sure how to redeem my voucher?

Every voucher has the instructions on it under "How to use this". That will let you know how to redeem the voucher.

I bought this product off Treat Me but it has turned up and it's not as advertised, what can I do?

Oh no, that's not great to hear! We suggest you contact the merchant who provided you with the product and see why you have received a different product to what was on the deal.

I haven't received my product; they said it would be delivered by now. What should I do?

I'm sorry you haven't received your product yet. We suggest you contact the merchant who is shipping the item as they will be able to look into this for you.

My account details

I forgot my password! How can I log in?

Just click "Forgot your password?" on the login screen. You will then receive an email to your registered email address with instructions on how to reset your password.

How can I change my account details, such as my email address?

When you've logged into Treat Me, simply hover your mouse over the green "My Stuff" button in the top right hand corner, then click "Account." From here you'll be able to change your email address as well as other things like your password and the default region.

I don't like my full name displaying when I write a comment on the discussion board, how can I change it?

You have the option to display a nickname instead of your real name. Simply hover your mouse over the green "My Stuff" button in the top right hand corner and click "Account". From here click "Change" next to "Nickname" and type in your desired name.

How to I unsubscribe from the daily emails, as I use the App now to search for awesome treats?

Simply click on "Unsubscribe" at the top or bottom of the daily deal emails and you will be unsubscribed instantly.


How can I get my business on Treat Me?

Easy! Just fill in the form on our Contact Us page.


What's the process if I have financial services issues?

We can help you resolve your financial services issue.