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$28 for Unlimited Membership to Guitar Mastery Method Courses (value $115)




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$28 for Unlimited Membership to Guitar Mastery Method Courses (value $115) Education


  • 6 and a half hours of HD, multi-camera angle video guitar lessons with downloadable reference material for each video.
  • Cut up into bite sized, easy to understand pieces, this online course is designed to help you improve your guitar playing.
  • Today's treat gives you full access to the members' area, which also includes full email support if you ever need a hand.
  • Learn at your own speed - there's no rush, so relax and make the most of each lesson.
  • No matter your age, style or skill level, you'll quickly learn the shortcuts to improving your guitar skills


Vouchers valid from Dec 20, 2014 to Jan 20, 2015. Limit: 1 for you and 1 gift for another.

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Guitar Mastery Method

Business in Trade

If you really need convincing...

Stairway to Heaven is an amazing song, it really is.

But I can only play the opening riff... really slowly... if I concentrate really hard...

And I'm fairly certain my flatmates are about to riot. After all, even Led Zeppelin got sick of Stairway after awhile.

Looks like I need today's treat from Guitar Mastery Method - just $28 for unlimited membership (value $115)!

Guitar Mastery Method is a guitar course served on a membership website with streaming video, PDF ebook downloads and MP3 audio files. This treat gives you lifetime access to the members' area, which also includes full email support - if you ever need a hand with any of the lessons, they'll jump in and help you out.

Get "The Guitarist's Mindset", "Ten Tips Audio Lesson", 10 Full Band Backing Tracks, Learning Songs Videos and the "Advanced Tricks & Techniques Videos" when you sign up. You can go along the course at your own comfortable speed - as you've got unlimited access, there's no pressure to rush so you can make the most of each lesson.

To redeem this treat
  • Once you've purchased your voucher, email with your preferred login name, full name, email address and voucher number.
  • Your account will be set up within 24 hours.

Here's what people are saying about Guitar Mastery...

"I am amazed at the amount and depth of content contained within your course... Definitely a "Mastery Method" to improve anyone's playing... I would recommend 'Guitar Mastery Method' to guitar players of any level."
- Brad C, Australia

"My guitar playing is already being helped by the finger stretching and strengthening exercises and that is just the start of it."
- Kevin O, UK

"Your course is one of the best I have seen so far. "
- John H, Canada

"The hand exercise part is worth the price alone."
- Peter L, London UK

"I have started going through the lessons and I have to say they are fantastic. They hit all the aspects of guitar and are already helping to motivate me. They are slow enough to allow understanding yet not boring."
- Brad Traynor, USA

"The Guitar Mastery Method is GREAT! The lessons are well presented, easy to understand, and don't overwhelm the student. I greatly enjoyed the focus on the different techniques, especially the material on tapping."
- Russell Warrick, Florida, USA

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