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$79 for a Top Brand Eco Panel Heater with Timer from Off The Back (value $169.99)


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$79 for a Top Brand Eco Panel Heater with Timer from Off The Back (value $169.99) Shopping


  • Treat yourself to the warmth and comfort of this nifty panel heater from Off The Back.
  • Convenient built in 24 hour timer.
  • Low power usage compared to other varieties of heater means you save money.
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Off The Back

Business in Trade

If you really need convincing...

Brrr it's cold in here!
There must be some ...way we can heat this room in an energy efficient manner!

Okay, despite how much I love it, perhaps I'm not the best at writing sport-related chants.

I mean, that first line is clearly cribbed from the cheerleading classic, Bring it On.

Perhaps the low, low temperature is making my chants embarrassingly clunky and unoriginal. Yeah, that's gotta be it.

I need to snaffle up today's treat from Off The Back. They're offering us a Eco Panel Heater with Timer from a top brand for just $79 + shipping.

  • 24 hour timer
  • Draws only 425 watts
  • Easy installation
  • Silent operation
  • Convection/radiant technology

Hit Buy to get warm enouigh to do what you love, thanks to Off The Back!
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