24 Piece Set of Hair Chalk

$24.99 for 24 Piece Set of Hair Chalk from 19black

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If you really need convincing...

Today's treat aims to put some colour in your life.

Join the craze and colour your hair with Hair Chalk - temporary colour that washes out so you can change your hair colour with your mood and express yourself how you like. This 24 piece hair chalk set will be delivered to your door for $24.99 + $5 nationwide shipping.

Full size chalks are approximately 6cm in length, just under 1cm wide, and just under 1cm deep.

How to use Hair Colour Chalk?

  1. Dampen the hair where you would like the colours.
  2. Rub Hair Colour Chalk on the damp section of hair. 3 .For longer lasting colours, straighten or curl the hair using heat.
  3. For chalking dry hair, wet the pastels first and then rub on the hair.

How to remove Hair Colour Chalk? Shampoo your hair and the colours will fade. Blondes need to allow more washes for complete removal.

Remember to protect your clothing by using an old t-shirt and disposable gloves while chalking.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is not a toy.