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$99 for 2 Ceilings or Double Garage Ceiling Cleaned from Spot Free (value $225)

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If you really need convincing...

OK, so your ceiling might not be the Sistine Chapel, but that doesn't mean it deserves to be left massing muck, mildew and stains.

Today's treat will clean the muck off your ceiling, and you won't have to lift a finger. For just $99, you can get 2 ceilings or 1 double garage ceiling cleaned by the experts at Spot Free.

The team will use a dry steam system with eliminates all flyspots, grease, nicotine, mould and dirt. Dry steam cleaning kills mould and mildew on contact. Not only does it look a whole lot nicer, but early cleaning and prevent long term staining or damage that will cause you to get a costly new paint job.

It's easy as too - there's no need to remove your furniture, and the process leaves no marks or smears, just a pristine ceiling.

Ceiling cleaning is extra important in non-insulated garages, where your washing machine, dryer or vehicle gives off moisture which can turn to mould.

Please note: Although the Spot Free method will kill black mould and stop the spores from being breathed in by your family, if it has been left untreated in severe cases it may stain the paint and could eat away at ceilings and walls so they strongly advice that you fix the cause. Black mould will return if you do not identify the problem and solve it. Usually stopping water intrusion, condensation or applying appropriate insulation and sealing and painting with an anti-mould additive solves the problem. It is an ideal time to carry this out immediately after your surfaces have been dry-steam cleaned.