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$145 for 2x 60 Minute Colonic Detox Hydrotherapy Treatments + A Preliminary Health Consultation and a Healthy Food Consultation from The Colonic Health Centre (value $290)

The Colonic Health Centre Deal
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If you really need convincing...

Im still recovering from everything I ate over Christmas, and all these delicious summer BBQs certainly arent helping the matter. Luckily, weve got a treat thatll help clean things out.

The Colonic Health Centre are offering a Preliminary Health Consultation and a Colonic Hydrotherapy Treatment, and then a second visit which at which you will get a Healthy Food Consultation and a Colonic Hydrotherapy Treatment, all for just $145. The Preliminary Health Consultation gives you an overview on how to manage your digestive system. Your Healthy Food Consultation will give you an overview on your to manage your diet better from a natural health viewpoint.

The team at The Colonic Health Centre bring a new and invigorating approach to the ancient practice of colon hydrotherapy by combining this natural method of cleansing and detoxifying with the most advanced technology and the best possible advice and guidance.

Health & wellbeing is though to be directly linked to the efficient management of bowel & digestive system. The bowel is the bodys toxic waste management centre, as part of a modern lifestyle diet, we ingest 100s of toxins every day. Cell metabolism & body functions, further generates toxins. This toxic waste needs to be transported to the bowel to be evacuated from the body. A build up or blockage in the bowel results in autointoxication or self poisoning, whereby toxic waste gets reabsorbed from the bowel back into the tissues in the body, causing weight gain and a feeling of lack of well-being.

Symptoms of a Sluggish, Toxic & Ineffective Bowel Elimination System include the following:

  • Abdominal Pain
  • Acid Reflux & Indigestion
  • Aching Muscles & Joints
  • Allergies including Hay Fever
  • Asthma or Breathing Difficulties
  • Bad Breath
  • Bloating & Gas
  • Burning & Itching Anus
  • Constipation & Diarrhea
  • Colon Cancers & Other Cancers
  • Extreme Stress, Headaches, Migraines, Mood Swings & Depression
  • Frequent Infections & Parasitic Infestations & Weakened Immunity
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Intestinal Toxemia
  • Lower Backache & Back Pain
  • Menstrual Problems
  • Nausea & Vomiting
  • Skin Problems
  • Sleeping Difficulties
  • Weakness & Fatigue

Testimonials It is definitely worth doing. I feel so much better, more energy, less fuzzy in my head and REALLY improved digestion. I dont feel hungry all the time anymore, and whats more I have lost 2kg, wow! Elizabeth, Franklin

That day after the therapy we went back to Rotorua and I started straight into a raw diet. My weight went down from 52kg when I did the therapy to 46kg in a week. My waist had gone down from 80cm to 74cm in also one week. Not that I feel like I actually need to loose any weight but, I wouldnt mind it since theres no bad feeling that goes with it all. And I thank you for that. The consultation with you was a life changer. Cinzia, Rotorua

The Colonic Health Centre has a dignified atmosphere, private consultations, very hygienic and well maintained and, caring professional consultants who are genuinely interested in your long term health benefits. Zimmy, Sunny Hills

I have suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome for many years. I have had a couple of colonics recently and have seen a major improvement in several areas of my health and wellbeing and would recommend a colonic to anyone who is not feeling 100%. Angela, Howick

The effect of the combination of Colonic Irrigation and a healthier diet has been amazing - for the first time in years I feel more positive, less toxic, empowered to make healthy lifestyle decisions and am becoming better educated every day. Things I had put up with; bad skin, negativity, osteo-arthritis, indigestion, food allergies etc - have all but vanished in a very few weeks. Kazia, Beachlands