3x Organic Cheese Tablets & 2x Onion Relishes

3 Organic Cheese Tablets and 2 Onion Gherkin Relish Cheese Spreads Delivered from Wholesmoked (value up to $65)

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If you really need convincing...

If you're like me, you probably find quite a bit of this Christmas hoo-haa a bit cheesy. But you know what is really cheesy: today's treat.

Wholesmoked NZ Ltd is offering you the chance to get your mits on a slab of golden wonder that goes with everything, with a selection of their multi-award winning cheese at a great price. You will get three organic cheese tablets as well as two gourmet onion and gherkin spread.

Option one: $28 includes delivery to addresses in the North Island. Option two: $33 includes delivery to addresses in the South Island.

The cheese spreads are Onion + Gherkin: brown onion, gherkin relish and spices. It's a fresh, tangy treat perfect for spreading on snack wafers, grilled on breads or as a salad condiment. The cheese smoking process is hands-on, with each block of cheese handled from go to whoa, with their trademark finishing touches, like dipping each cheese into mineral wax to ensure they stay soft and easy to handle.

You will be prompted to enter your phone number & delivery details after you press the big Buy button, you don't need to do anything after this. Other than wait on delicious cheeses to make their way to you. Nice and easy, just how we like it around these parts.