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$35 for a Printed Hardcover Photobook with 40 Pages (value up to $126.95) or $49 for a Hardcover w/Photo Jacket Photobook with 50 Pages (value up to $211.45) + Delivery from

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If you really need convincing...

We probably don't need to tell you that Xmas is approaching - sure, it's a few months away but we all know how sneaky the festive season is, creeping up on us while our back is turned. It'll be here soon enough with full promises of sun, BBQs - and presents galore.

This is your chance to get a thoughtful and personal gift for the loved ones in your life. For $35 you can get a 40 page printed hardcover photobook to fill up with personal images. Or for $49 you can get a photo jacket around a 50 page hardcover photobook. Feature the kids, the family, the wedding, baby photos, the pets, and those artistic photos of the various cars you've owned, or holidays taken. Your book is your oyster!

  • Option 1 comes with the choice of these 4 sizes:
    • Landscape 9x7 (23x18cm)
    • Square 8.5x8.5 (22x22cm)
    • Portrait 8x10 (20x25cm) or 8.5x11 (22x28cm)
  • Option 2 is in your choice of these 6 sizes:
    • Landscape - 8.5x11" (22x28cm)
    • Portrait - 11x8.5" (28x22cm)
    • Square - 7x7" (18x18cm), 8.5x8.5" (22x22cm), 9x9" (23x23cm) or 10x10" (25x25cm) (excludes 12x12)

My-books, powered by RocketLife, works directly with the photos on your computer. You can complete an entire project before ordinary web-based programs have finished uploading your raw photos. Exclusive Smart Arrangement Technology(TM) brings out the stories behind your photos, blending the photos themselves into the design.

Customise every page with as many of your own images as you like and add your titles, captions, poems and more. The vast collection of graphics and themes offers unprecedented customisation. Plus advanced editing features such as tinting, transparency, styled text, and airbrushing offer elegant blending effects.

Dont have enough time to complete your project in one go Dont fret, save your project and come back to edit it later. Have any questionsi My-books pride themselves in customer support; you can email them at Check out their Facebook page for hints, tips and creative ideas!

In lieu of actual immortality, which is proving much harder to find than I anticipated, give your family or friends the great gift of immortality in printed form today. All from the great folk at My-books.

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