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From $60 for a Macrocarpa Raised Garden Bed, 2 Size Options - Delivery & Pick Up Available from Panda Outdoor Furniture

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If you really need convincing...

Garden urge to plant some veggies?

Lettuce take a look at this!

Panda Outdoor Furniture is offering plantastic options for your garden ahead of spring, featuring easy assembly with stainless steel hardware supplied. Raised gardens are a fantastic way to organise your garden space, plus they provide great gardening benefits. They encourage the draining of excess water, their soil warms up quicker and it's easier to keep them free of weeds and pests.

They're also really handy for people who are looking to reduce the amount of bending-over their current garden demands. If you have a larger garden, raised garden beds have the added benefit of permitting plant roots to go further into the ground for available nutrients.

These are made from macrocarpa wood which is not chemically treated. It has a natural H3 rating for durability and which will prevent nasties leaching from the wood through to the soil and plants.

Panda Outdoor Furniture is a New Zealand company based in Christchurch, dedicated to producing high quality outdoor furniture and garden accessories.

Mike from Panda Outdoor Furniture is a qualified cabinetmaker and has been knocking together quality furniture for 30 years so you don't have to worry about your box or garden bed falling apart with the first shovelful of soil.

Hit Buy and gladden your garden thanks to Panda Outdoor Furniture.